sexual deviation

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In response, Canada like the United States enacted sexual psychopath laws, partly influenced by the view that sexual deviation resulted from uncontrollable male sexuality.
See John McDonald Wilson Bradford, The Treatment of Sexual Deviation Using a Pharmacological Approach, 37 J.
Dudkin as a woman may be exhibiting a slight sexual deviation in his fetishism, but the signifcant point here is contained in his concluding remark, that men used to fall in love with him.
Tom Forrest, owner of three-star Cromasaig informed them, 'We do not have a problem with your personal sexual deviation.
In early editions of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), these unconventional behaviors were referred to as sexual deviation.
Experimental control of sexual deviation through manipulation of the noxious scene in covert sensitization.
Bloody hell, people should be more mature about it; it's a medical condition that you're born with, not a sexual deviation or a mental illness.
The Internet alerts people to the pervasiveness of sexual deviation within different societies, permits nations to cooperate on a global level and protects the future of the world.
Nymphomania made its appearance as a sexual deviation in the first DSM which appeared in 1951, and this was changed to a psychosexual disorder in the DSM III in 1980.
At first sight, The Chronicle History of Perkin Warbeck seems to be the only one of John Ford s plays that is not pointedly and openly concerned with sexual deviation.
However, it is a mistake to blame all the problems that occur in the treatment of sex offenders on the sexual deviation they exhibit.