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Further, Edith Ellis combined her ideas on sexual inversion and the apparently irreconcilable demands of eugenics to argue that the sexual invert had a valuable role to play in creating a superior society.
For Carpenter especially, the homosexual him/herself came to embody the translator par excellence, who not only mediated between men and women (and so in the process stabilized heterosexual practices) but also, because of a natural predisposition for the arts, literature in particular (see Carpenter, Intermediate Sex 32, 110; see also Ellis, Sexual Inversion 341), was able to create, tell, and translate homosexual stories and, in the process, affirm their valued place within Western literary history.
Early theories of homosexuality centered on sexual inversion, or malformed gender.
0 cm in length (the overlap zone between male and female sizes) and the median size of sexual inversion was 103.
He argued that since sexual inversion was a disease it should be treated by doctors rather than punished by law.
In the 1915 edition of his famous volume Sexual Inversion, for instance, sexologist Havelock Ellis discussed both the presence of and culture associated with gay American males.
Arse verse" love is here preposterous in the literal sense of that word described by Patricia Parker: "preposterous in the sexual as well as other sense is in this respect a more revealing term than sodomy, for it links something represented as sexual inversion with a whole contemporary range of other orders" (27).