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Thus there is clear evidence of specialization and a gain in pollen production associated with that specialization, as one would expect as a consequence of sexual selection.
If sexual selection has lead to the evolution of head-size dimorphism between the sexes of H.
Sexual selection for aesthetic traits in species with biparental care.
Multivariate sexual dimorphism, sexual selection, and adaptation in greater antillean Anolis lizards.
Consideration of Darwin's (1871) theory of sexual selection leads to the generation of a list of predictive characteristics for SSEPs (Miller 1999; Snowdon 2004).
Therefore, little opportunity exists for agonistic interactions between males, and sexual selection is probably not a primary selection pressure.
Abstract--Parental care, sexual selection, and life history are major areas of research in evolutionary ecology.
Disruption of ecosystems to study sexual selection seems a bit extreme.
The study by scientists at the University of Exeter and the Universities of Okayama and Tsukuba in Japan investigated the complicated sexual conflict over mating in Gnatocerus cornutus, the horned flour-beetle and found that female mate choice and male-male competition are the typical mechanisms of sexual selection, which do not do not always favour the same males.
Using film, video and detailed observations, Laman and Scholes documented one of the most elegant examples of extreme evolution, a result of millions of years of sexual selection at work in an environment with plenty of food and no natural predators.
1977), an unusual phenomenon in insects (Stubblefield and Seger, 1994) but one that is consistently linked throughout the animal kingdom to sexual selection for a large-male fighting advantage (Andersson, 1994).