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SEX. The physical difference between male and female in animals.
     2. In the human species the male is called man, (q.v.) and the female, woman. (q.v.) Some human beings whose sexual organs are somewhat imperfect, have acquired the name of hermaphrodite. (q.v.)
     3. In the civil state the sex creates a difference among individuals. Women cannot generally be elected or appointed to offices or service in public capacities. In this our law agrees with that of other nations. The civil law excluded women from all offices civil or public: Faemintae ab omnibus officiis civilibus vel publicis remotae sunt. Dig. 50, 17, 2. The principal reason of this exclusion is to encourage that modesty which is natural to the female sex, and which renders them unqualified to mix and contend with men; the pretended weakness of the sex is not probably the true reason. Poth. Des Personnes, tit. 5; Wood's Inst. 12; Civ. Code of Louis. art. 24; 1 Beck's Med. Juris. 94. Vide Gender; Male; Man; Women; Worthiest of blood.

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Symptom checklists cannot establish that someone was sexually abused," says Lucy Berliner, a social worker at Harborview Sexual Assault Center in Seattle.
PRO 2000 is a topical vaginal microbicide under development by Indevus to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV and certain other sexually transmitted disease-causing viruses and bacteria.
In their examination of Wave 3 data (page 258), Carol Ford and colleagues assess another set of perceptions-the extent to which sexually experienced young adults (aged 18-26) perceive themselves to be at risk for Chlamydia trachomatis or Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
And in January, a 27-year-old woman reported she was sexually assaulted in her home in the 2000 block of Cochran Street by a man posing as a door-to-door salesman.
General STD information and referrals: CDC National Sexually Transmitted Disease Hotline, (800) 227-8922, 8 a.
Single, of Rock Park, Rock Ferry, Wirral, denies four charges of sexually assaulting a child and one of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity
Consistent condom use protects sexually active individuals against HSV-2 infection, the researchers contend, although protection is not perfect.
One-third of sexually active 15- to 24-year-olds reported that they had had more than one sexual partner in the previous year.
One of the men sexually assaulted her, then they poured gasoline on her and forced her into their sedan, then drove her about 1 1/2 miles to the end of Avenue R-8 and pushed her out.
The Institute of Medicine emphasized that data on sexually transmitted infections, Pap smear screening, and cervical dysplasia among lesbians were needed to guide clinical practice, policy development, and patient education.
It is imperative that the Pennsylvania State Police and other responsible agencies ensure that Pennsylvania's registry of sex offenders and sexually violent predators is maintained; that these criminals are tracked and monitored; and that law enforcement, communities and victims are notified when child molesters and other sex offenders move into their neighborhoods.
According to Jeff Parsons, an associate professor of psychology at Manhattan's Hunter College and one of the lead researchers on the project, upward of 20% of gay men exhibit some sexually addictive or compulsive symptoms, and 5% acknowledge having enough symptoms that the behavior becomes a problem in their lives.