sexually abuse

See: molest
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"He held my leg tightly and tried to sexually abuse me, but I resisted him."
He used his power over impressionable and ambitious boys, one as young as 11, to sexually abuse them and keep them silent.
IJM said police caught the suspect in the act of offering to sexually abuse the boy and livestream the sex act from her home in Lapu-Lapu City.
The suspect, Yousuf, who works for Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) as a lineman, used to sexually abuse and film schoolchildren and blackmail them, police said earlier this week.
RADIO DJ Neil Fox exploited his fame to sexually abuse fans as young as 15 as well as colleagues, a court heard.
It has resulted in terrible trauma for young girls who, in numerous cases, have been badly let down by the authorities." Nov 2010, Derby: A gang of nine Asian men convicted of systematic grooming and sexually abuse of young girls.
OKARA -- In a horrendous incident that disrespects human dignity and relationships, police officials in Okara forced an accused in lock up to sexually abuse his son and then forced his son to do the same.
A police source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "intelligence information led the police to arrest a gang of five persons, luring young age and sexually abuse them." He added: "The initial investigations with the accused proved their involvement in the charges against them and they sexually abused young people in a number of areas." / End
Many seminarians and priests with these vulnerabilities do not sexually abuse children.
Between images and thoughts: An art psychotherapy group for sexually abuse adolescent girls.
In recent years, many television news shows and documentaries have featured perpetrators who traveled to foreign countries to sexually abuse very young children for small sums of money, leaving viewers with the impression that all CST offenders have a preference for extremely young, prepubescent children.
Studies also have looked at characteristics of adults who sexually abuse and maltreat children with disabilities.