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Condoms for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
Never try to treat a sexually transmitted disease yourself.
People with sexually transmitted diseases face a greater threat of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, says Edward W.
A former counselor for Planned Parenthood, Sally Swiatek contacted the national organization and asked if Santa Clarita's demographics might be conducive to opening an office to provide information on the complete spectrum of topics from abstinence to birth control to sexually transmitted diseases and the risks of making uninformed decisions.
None had symptoms of any sexually transmitted disease.
Condoms can help reduce exposure to sexually transmitted disease and we hope these condom artwork covers will encourage those who have chosen to be sexually active to use them.
A randomized trial of clinician-delivered interventions promoting barrier contraception for sexually transmitted disease prevention, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2005, 32(11):672-679.
About one out of four sexually active teens in California will get a sexually transmitted disease this year.
Bacterial vaginosis prevalence among lesbians in these studies has ranged from 24% to 51%, compared to 21% for heterosexual clients of sexually transmitted disease clinics and 9%-14% for pregnant women.
The book has been written in a spirit of integrity which respects both the scientific and moral truth, and written also with a profound sense of compassion and regard for those suffering from sexually transmitted disease.
They chose that population because young women are at especially high risk of sexually transmitted disease.
Female condom and male condom failure among women at high risk of sexually transmitted disease, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2005, 32(1): 35-43.

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