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The words sexy and football go together and carnal knowledge doesn't come into play.
View the full catalog of sexy Halloween costumes and much more at http://www.
Jarvis agreed, saying more women in Hollywood - from Diane Keaton to Demi Moore - have been embracing their sexy side.
An Ann Summers spokeswoman said: "They are sexy, fun gifts at all prices for men and women.
It was a sexy movie, so I think everybody was getting a little sexy.
Pitsch, who assumed the position of president and CEO of Sexy Hair two years ago, has guided the company with a hands-on approach.
That '70s shoe: Platforms are so disco-licious, not to mention super sexy.
Using The Screaming O Vibrating Rings with a condom is a perfect example of how safe sex can be super sexy, which is the mission of ASFX.
The cooperation with the James Dean brand will allow Sexy Hair to put focus on our many successful male grooming products like Hard-Up, Slept-In and Frenzy and further expand in the men's hair segment," said Karl Heinz Pitsch, President and CEO at Sexy Hair.
Sarah Wallner, Celebrity Stylist and CEO of Musotica a destination for sexy clubwear, sexy lingerie, and sexy Halloween costumes says, "Fashion trends are set by popular culture.
Sexy Hair is the first beauty brand to implement PowaTag's instant-shopping technology in a major US magazine.
Kendall Jenner, the sexy Santa is seen wearing high waisted black panties with a sexy lacy black bra as she bends down to touch her towering heels and look confidently into the camera.