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Britain's trains are more than 20 years old on average, according to the regulator, the Office of Rail and Road, hence they are both shabbier and slower than the diesel-electric Shiki-shimas.
Uptown New Yorkers often took pride in never going downtown, where people lived in shabbier lodgings, often renovated from factories.
On the request of Forest Officer Shabbier Baig, police have registered a case and started investigation.
During the shabbier periods of American history, our government has protected purely commercial interests by sending in the Marines or fomenting coups.
On the contrary, pigs from the shabbier housing were reluctant to investigate the bowl with sweets if it was not in its usual corner.
I do think that if it had been driving wind and rain, you would have seen a slightly shabbier, slightly more dishevelled and tiredlooking party arriving.
In the shabbier reaches of Brooklyn, Ellie Shipley, an art history graduate student with a background in art restoration, is approached about creating a forgery.
not toward pity but instead toward the shabbier side of catharsis.
Ullah F, Afridi AK, Rahim F, Ashfaq M, Khan S, Shabbier G, et al.
As I say, the film is set in the near future, and then the slightly-further-away future, but through the passing decades nothing much changes: the cars, the clothes look the same, only a little rustier and shabbier.
A rental unit that looks super cute and cozy in a photo, might turn out to be much shabbier in real life.