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THE Prime Minister was representing Britain at international conferences wearing the shabbiest of old overcoats.
Newsome resident Sylvia Wainwright said: "I have been trying for years to get Kirklees to do something about one of the shabbiest areas in the centre of this town, but nothing is done at all and it's so annoying.
He today headed out for a short break in Tenerife - not the shabbiest way to spend a week or two but far from where Bell wants to be as England prepare for a Test series against Pakistan which, in itself, is preparation for the biggest challenge of all, an Ashes series down under.
The apartment that Carlo had rented--and where he lived alone, waiting for his father to rejoin him--was in the Parioli, a neighborhood that still had the prestige it had gained in the preceding decade but was already /becoming melancholy/ the way places in decline do, with old gardens that have had too many owners, and an architecture that is /out of date/ even in comparison with the shabbiest lower-middle-class neighborhoods.
In reply, Yorkshire piled up 536, during which, for an hour on the second afternoon, the fielding disintegrated to perhaps the shabbiest exhibition by any Bears team with Streak powerless to prevent a string of fumbles and drops.
nay, extorting almost as much outward homage as if he wore the imperial purple, and not the shabbiest of pilot-cloth
A bit of elbow grease spent on sanding off the dirt of ages, a good polish or a lick of paint, and even the shabbiest item can sparkle again.
Washington, Jan 13 (ANI): Popstar Lady GaGa says she's fascinated by Amy Winehouse, and insists that she adores the troubled star's shabbiest performances.
It's a system that the grubbiest and shabbiest industries and business owners -- think of the hellish slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, running with immigrant child labor - could not have designed better.
I believe this is possibly the shabbiest episode in ME history, immoral and unscientific.
Last week it was labelled one of the shabbiest hotels in the UK.