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At the time of which we write, the Chamber did not meddle shabbily with the budget, as it does in the deplorable days in which we now live; it did not contemptibly reduce ministerial emoluments, nor save, as they say in the kitchen, the candle-ends; on the contrary, it granted to each minister taking charge of a public department an indemnity, called an "outfit.
Every movement and every look of the little, worn, white-faced, shabbily dressed woman expressed insolent triumph, and said, as if in words, "My turn has come
It is useless to tell her she is man's victim, that she is his plaything, that she is cheated, down-trodden, kept under, laughed at, shabbily treated in every way--that is not a true statement of the case.
No, Bunny, I've treated you very shabbily all round.
It was a mean, shabbily furnished room, with a bed in it.
As I have mentioned on a number of previous occasions, the people of the North East will always give strong support for Labour even though they were shabbily treated whenever Labour were in power at Westminster (especially when the PM was a local MP), so the Labour party can concentrate its efforts in marginal constituencies when they seek power.
But as more details emerge from the fine print of Mr Osborne's utterances, just how shabbily he is treating this region is becoming clearer.
A friend said: "Miriam knows the alleged victims well and feels they have been treated very shabbily.
YOU can't keep a good man down for long, and I'm thrilled Nigel Clough - treated so shabbily by Derby - has landed on his feet at Sheffield United.
I did treat women very shabbily and didn't break up relationships very well.
Rejecting Kumar's charge that Bihar was being discriminated against and ignored by the UPA Government,Ahmed said that UPA regime alone could not be blamed for the present state of affairs in Bihar, and reminded him that the Atal Behari Vajpayee-led NDA regime had also treated the state and its people shabbily.
But we can, and should, make sure that no parent is ever again treated so shabbily.