shabby work

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Katherine Kelly plays Leah, a university lecturer with integrity in bucketloads, who confronts one of her students over cheating when she produces a suspiciously perfect dissertation that isn't in keeping with her previous shabby work and refusal to engage in lectures.
Michaelas said that construction on the Avgorou sewerage system began in 2010, and that ever since he took over in 2012, he had been dealing with "the shabby work done on the sewerage system".
The judges write that"the question of an intern's employment status is a highly individualised inquiry," ignoring the low or nonexistent pay and shabby work conditions common to interns in many offices and industries.
The "builder" had broken a court order telling him to stop ripping off people with his shabby work. He would discuss a price with a homeowner and promise a written estimate.
Conmen from a rogue roofing gang ripped off pensioners, charging them thousands for shabby work.
But such difficulty in being heard over the roar of press releases is no excuse for grabbing headlines with shabby work.