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The prison official told him the whole ordeal-the shackles, the refused medical treatment, and the order to return to prison--was a 'mistake.
The inquest has heard that instructions given to those fitting the seats was to tighten the shackle nut and bolt with one or one-anda-half threads showing.
They told lawmakers that prison workers shackle women's feet together and manacle their wrists to waist chains when they are transported and in labor, although they said in some cases no waist chains are put on women late in their pregnancies.
Use the pins to connect both shackles to the towing eyes on the back of the towing vehicle.
All bolt and nut style anchor shackles meet Offshore Containers specification, RR-C-271 and ISO 2415 performance requirements.
John Allen, 72, bought the shackles in Splott about three or four years ago, and is certain they came from the 253-year-old Dowlais Ironworks, which has been shortlisted for the archaeological equivalent of the Oscars.
If you can't see how adding shackles to a pair of basketball sneakers is demeaning, you can't see much at all.
Because the jury in Deck had already determined the defendant's guilt, the Court held that the presumption of innocence was not per se violated by the use of shackles during the penalty phase, but that the issue of life or death was no less critical.
100(b) prohibits the indiscriminate use of chains and shackles on detained juveniles in the courtroom.
Shackles and lock bodies are forged from a proprietary ultra-hardened steel alloy for superior cut resistance and the M-Cylinder and 5 Pin tumbler systems with Bump Block technology foil bump keys and shrug off attempts at drilling, picking or pulling.
BUSINESS leaders are being urged to campaign against a Midland company which allegedly makes handcuffs and shackles worn by Guantanamo Bay prisoners.
Eight no-bid contracts Seven shackles shaking Six spangled sound bites