shade of difference

See: nuance
References in classic literature ?
It pleased Archer to think that only an old New Yorker could perceive the shade of difference (to New York) between being merely a Duke and being the van der Luydens' Duke.
Or, if you insist on a shade of difference, a hat that is his.
These extremists are separated only by a shade of difference from those who are currently holding Islamabad hostage in the name of religion, and those who admire an assassin like Mumtaz Qadri.
The depth of understanding provided in Shade of Difference is something that every serious student of South African apartheid should experience.
In Advise and Consent and the first sequel he wrote, A Shade of Difference, Drury was able to depict not what political animals are like in Washington, but what politics does to the human animal.
The two major human dramas in A Shade of Difference (1962) concern the competing claims on an individual's loyalties that men, and politicians in particular, accumulate as they make their way in life.
Likewise, in A Shade of Difference and Capable of Honor (1966) and the later books, Drury used a series of dramas to organize his view on the issues of the day.
In making Cullee Hamilton the hero of A Shade of Difference and setting him in a pure Druryesque drama, namely a man attractive both personally and politically who is set upon by hyenas both at home and in public, Drury expressed his own liberalism on the racial question even as he foresaw that this position would soon be overwhelmed by racial demagogy.
In A Shade of Difference and Capable of Honor, the good guys win, but with some ambiguity, and the reader is left with the idea that the other side will always be able to come back for more, whereas the patriotic American side, which holds that the nation can reverse its injustices at home and stand abroad as a bulwark of civilization against international communism, seems to be growing weaker.
His other political novels are A Shade of Difference (1962), about emerging African nations, U.