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Studies have described different settings and object-to-camera distances to acquire the images for digital shade matching.9,12,13 Numerous devices have been developed to aid the shade selection but there is no consensus regarding the ideal method of shade selection.7 These are expensive and may not be readily available in general dental practice.
Therefore, this observation would particularly useful on the shade selection for the young edentulous patients.
(10) Try-in pastes are handled in a way similar to the handling of resin cements, and have to be removed from the preparation after shade selection, because the glycerin residues may compromise the bonding between resin cement and tooth.
[1.] Rosenstiel SF, Land MF, Fujimoto J, Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics: Color science, esthetics and shade selection, 3rd edition.
The clinical steps in fixed partial denture fabrication that the HS felt difficult during transitional period were clinical variation of tooth position (46%), fluid control (74%), sub gingival cervical finish line preparation (46%), and tooth shade selection (29%).
- Impressions, jaw relation records, occlusal plane orientation, tooth mold and shade selection, and maxillary anterior tooth positioning record
After shade selection reattachment was done by etching and bonding using a seventh generation bonding agent with resin composite (figure-1, figure-2).
A drawback of some BB and CC creams is the shade selection. These creams usually come in only one or two shades, and though these colors are supposed to blend with every skin tone, they're still too light for some people with morena complexions.
The influence of some different factors on the accuracy of shade selection. J Oral Rehabil.
The only weaknesses were in competition (general makeup category), price/value (it's at the top of the mass market, $14.99 but you can find it for $11.99 at Walgreens and $13.74 at Walmart), and shade selection (shades look darker in the cake than on skin).
"Specifically, what keeps these shoppers in the store in general and beauty aisles in particular ranges from finding a good assortment of multicultural beauty products in a wide shade selection on shelf to being greeted by an associate who speaks their language," the category manager remarks.
In April, for example, the company will roll out the Easy Shade Finder foundation shade selection system.