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Still, the Doctor, with shaded forehead, beat his foot nervously on the ground.
It is situated remote from any dwelling, a little way up the mountain, near the head of the valley; and you approach it by a pathway shaded by the most beautiful foliage, and adorned with a thousand fragrant plants.
They turned in at the gate and passed under the shaded knoll where, enclosed in a low fence, the Frome grave-stones slanted at crazy angles through the snow.
Its one window is so shaded by a huge willow that the room has a grotto-like effect of emerald gloom.
Hour after hour she sat in the dusky room, with one ray of light on her book, reading to the boy, who lay with shaded eyes silently enjoying the only pleasure that lightened the weary days.
Shaded by a ledge of rock, beneath a facade of columnar lava, we ate our dinner.
In front of us there was an extensive brake of wild sugar-cane; and the stream was shaded by the dark green knotted stem of the Ava, -- so famous in former days for its powerful intoxicating effects.
Shaded plants despite successful canopy closure produced the low yield.
The result was a multi-functional network of lighting structures and canopy systems enabling night games after dusk that also create comfortably shaded areas during the day.
It must be noted that when the window is shaded by the automated roller shades only, depending on the weather conditions, either the entire window is covered by them or the window remains completely non-shaded.
Shade: Ideas And Inspirations For Shady Gardens" by horticulturist and garden designer Keith Wiley provides a profusely illustrated compilation of shade tolerant plants and gardening ideas that can transform any shaded garden into a visual paradise of flourishing plant life.
They will power step with the shaded foot while reading the blocker's hat.