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Shaded plants compared to plants that grown in full sunlight show more elongation [1].
The remaining portion of the view aperture (sill upwards) is shaded by internal automated bottom-up roller shades (Figure 1); this reduces the possibility of glare.
Their shaded foot is back and the covered hand is down.
It was generally observed in the field that a low level of shade in the morning or afternoon increased stem elongation or etiolation, which potentially allowed shaded plots to maintain similar percentage lateral RG values as full-irradiance plots.
The premium shaded floor lamps consist of three styles including the Oxford floor lamp with a bisque, star bouillotte shade with brocade trim; the Kent floor lamp with an eggshell, Brussels bouillotte-bell shade with brocade trim; and the Chestnut Hill floor lamp with an eggshell Maltese-oval bouillotte shade with brocade trim.
The female guest area is reached through the inconspicuous family approach, rather than the more dominating main entrance, which is intended to be an abstraction of a traditional double-height pointed arch portico, offering a shaded intermediate sitting area between inside and out.
In Chiapas, Mexico, SMBC biologists found that shaded coffee areas have considerably more birds (at least 150 species) than other agricultural systems and compare favorably with natural forest.
Once the installation of the Shade Systems "Double Post Hip" was complete, the new shaded area at the pool became very popular with adults and youngsters alike.
All the open areas are intended to be shaded by specially planted vines and brush; wiltjas(3) will be made when they are required for particular purposes.