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Examples include: VK_KHR_imageless_framebuffer, which simplifies framebuffer creation, and VK_KHR_uniform_buffer_standard_layout, which allows use of std430 layout rules in uniform buffers, making it easier to use shaders imported from HLSL and modern versions of OpenGL with Vulkan.
Camera shaders can now easily and quickly manage adjustments, such as transitions from indoor to outdoor lighting.
Fields offer a new workflow that make it possible to control the strength of the effect using any combination of falloffs from simple geometric shapes to shaders and sounds to objects and mathematical formulas.
GPU computation is realized with compute shaders, which can be changed and reloaded in the same way as the scripts.
GLSL provides a shader sorage buffer object (SSBO) that is a data buffer accessible by CPUs and shaders.
- Give an example of the techniques that runs on Windows Desktop OpenGL and Android OpenGL ES 3.0 and 3.1, including compute shader use on OpenGL ES 3.1.
AEP is a new set of extensions to OpenGL ES that brings additional desktop- class graphics functionality to Android and enables games to take advantage of tessellation and geometry shaders, and use ASTC texture compression.
The integrated graphics are gaming ready with DirectX11.1 compatibility for the latest compute shaders, direct 2D, multithreaded rendering and tessellation for rich realistic graphics and fluid gameplay.
* 480 shaders that deliver tip to 376 C FLOPS of peak single precision floating point performance.
A companion DVD features real videos with tools, professional shaders, and more.
The second half of the book switches to 3D graphics and game programming, going into detail about the XNA Content Pipeline, effects and shaders, camera and light systems, terrain mapping, and skeletal animation.
From writing shaders and using real-time 3D graphics to using OpenGL across platforms, this is a 'bible' packed with key derails for any graphics programmer and collections catering to them.