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The admission comes as little surprise given Turkey's long history of awarding public sector contracts to the shadiest bidder, but Thursday's confession was also the first time an active minister has been tried -- much less confessed -- before Parliament on corruption charges.
The winner of the men's road race on Saturday afternoon was Alexandre Vinokourov, one of cycling's shadiest figures by virtue of failing a drugs test in the 2007 Tour.
Location, location, location We all know that an open garden that gets plenty of sunshine is ideal for getting the best results, but even the shadiest of gardens can look beautiful with the right choice of plants.
I thought this was the shadiest thing I'd ever heard - until they explained the concept.
It would be super late after Whitney had been partying all night and I'd pull up in the shadiest neighbourhood I'd ever seen.
According to Ishmael, the artist who wishes to create the "dreamiest, shadiest, quietest, most enchanting bit of romantic landscape" must use water in his art (13).
Now, we battle it out for the one next to the shadiest parasol to allow us to take 'time out' when the sun reaches its strongest point of the day between 11am and 3pm.
The bee-eaters flew into the shadiest parts of the trees and perched there for the next 30-45 min after flying from the water, or paddling to the shoreline.
How are we to recognize the Government's progress ambitions in its intentions to plan 367 million euros for next year's contracted services, it is clearly the shadiest subsection of any budget, because it is not a secret anymore that these money are for the financing of the party soldiers.
The woman, Elizabeth Short (Mia Kirshner), was a starlet and sultry "innocent", the kind of good-time girl who landed auditions but not roles, and the investigation into her killing leads to what are supposed to be the shadiest corners of Hollywood.
To keep your window unit effective, the DOE suggests sealing gaps with foam weather stripping and locating the unit in the shadiest part of the house.
Whenever he speaks with reference to Kim Jong-Il his whole body contorts into a serious frown and no matter how much demonization of Asia's shadiest communist state helps his own domestic agenda.