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Obiano frowned at the activities of the staff of the state ministry of lands whose mode of operations he said portrayed elements of shadiness.
)The shadiness about listings does not affect the buyers only it also makes things difficult for us, auto journos, because it becomes tricky determining how the vehicles stack up against the competition in terms of value for money.
Something tells me everything this government does has an air of shadiness about it.
The cruelty, the greed, the hypocrisy, the intrigues, the shadiness, the racism.
Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), American companies that operate abroad must screen any potential business partners for hints of corruption or ethical shadiness. President Donald Trump has said the law is "horrible." Perhaps that's because if he were a foreign official or businessman, American companies would think twice about working with him.
This film - couched in a swirl of comedy, gangland drug dealing shadiness and romance - is ultimately a love letter to Ibiza penned by one of the people who knows it best, writer Colin Butts.
light color, direction of light andrestriction of glare and shadiness. Those parameters, influencingvisual environment, comfort and performance, are frequently noted in scientific and practical approaches.
However, thanks to a hyperactive media that loves to blow the lid off shocking affairs that have an element of shadiness describing them, the Louis Berger bribery scam in Goa has rejuvenated the failing spirits of the BJP.
Castro said the email exchange "speaks to the shadiness and corruption that has characterized state government for several years, including the issuance of hundreds of millions in no-bid contracts to cronies that occurred" when Abbott was attorney general.
Reports of shadiness from one company can reduce business for an industry or nation, and food suppliers are especially susceptible to negative reports.