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The plant spread was influenced significantly due to different shading intensities.
Compared to external devices, internal shading is more readily available, generally easy to retrofit, and useful for blocking direct sunlight and cutting down on glare, but because solar heat is still entering the building, more mechanical cooling is required to compensate.
To evaluated yield and yield attributes as influenced by shading.
The objective of this study is to quantify and assess typical performance indicators (annual cooling and heating energy, peak demand, etc) that help to determine the effectiveness of a shading device and compare these values for a variety of shading types, shade fabrics and glazing properties.
Effects of shading on photosynthetic capacity and growth of turfgrass species.
Since announcing the line in July, we've received a phenomenal response with hundreds of dealers expressing interest in selling our shading solutions," said Crestron VP of Marketing, Sean Goldstein.
A perfect example of such dual-usage shading is seen at a recent installation of its products Shade Systems provided for the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.
A shading strategy was developed in response to detailed analysis of the frequency and intensity of sunlight on the facade.
Crestron Shading Solutions are Integrated by Design to work seamlessly with electric lighting, AV, climate and security systems to deliver a complete home control and automation solution.