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The variance and covariance matrices were chosen using the Akaike Information Criterion (WOLFINGER, 1993), and variance analysis was performed for the following variables: degree of shading, fertilization level, periods of regrowth and their interactions.
05) but varied with the interaction between degree of shading and growth cycle (P<0.
The two PPFD regimes for 0% and 66% shadings provided average daily light quantities of 27.
Phosphorus and Fe contents increased while Ca and Mn decreased with the increasing shading.
seeds when the sowing was performed in a substrate of pinus bark and the seedlings were grown under 30% shading; as well as when sown in commercial substrate with 30 and 50% shading.
seedlings, have verified increases on the phenotypic plasticity for robustness index, as well as to the total dry biomass of seedling; which indicates that the seedlings of this species are suitable for cultivation in nurseries with shading between 30 and 45%.
Stardust soft sheer verticals and Shangri-La horizontal window shadings are the ultimate solution for homeowners seeking the perfectly coordinated window fashions," said John Fitzgerald, executive vice president of Comfortex.
THE few recent bright sunny days had me rushing in and out checking watering and adjusting greenhouse shading.
We needed clear readability of handwritten data, the ability to scan multiple sizes and colors in a single batch, to remove extraneous lines, shading or other data, and seamless integration with Cardiff Teleform," said Roger Lurie, principal applications systems analyst at ASU.
The product offers a value story for the price-sensitive consumer who wants the clean look and versatility of Silhouette window shadings [at lower price points]," said Lonergan.
The NITRO 3D utilizes today's most advanced 3-D technologies -- including flat and Gouraud shadings, texture mapping, MIP mapping and sophisticated buffering, shading and filtering methods -- to deliver a truly amazing level of on-screen 3-D realism.