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Yes, yes,' cried Arthur Gride, shading his eyes with his hand, 'it is a man, and not a spirit.
All this was lost on Alice, who was still looking intently along the road, shading her eyes with one hand.
He found his father in the garden shading his eyes from the sun.
And as she blows, and shading it with her lean hand, concentrates its red spark of light, it serves in the dim morning as a lamp to show him what he sees of her.
He who came upon him so unexpectedly was about to break his rest by thrusting him with his foot, when, glancing at his upturned face, he arrested himself in the very action, and stooping down and shading the candle with his hand, examined his features closely.
Gradgrind, shading his face with his hand, 'has always been my favourite child.
There seemed to be some very minute inscription on it; for the Jew laid it flat upon the table, and shading it with his hand, pored over it, long and earnestly.
It was pleasant to observe the fresh flowers in the room, the pet bird with a green bough shading his little cage, the breath of freshness and youth which seemed to rustle through the old dull house and hover round the child.
In the Shadings and Sheers Category, Silhouette window shadings, unrivalled in the industry for its beauty and performance, garnered two important awards, Best New Style Concept for New Fabrics for Alustra Silhouette and Silhouette window shadings and Honorable Mention, Best New Technical Innovation for the UltraGlide Click and Walk Away(TM) operating system .
s new soft sheer vertical product, which won the Best New Technical Innovation award in Alternative Shadings at the Spring International Window Coverings Expo.
Externally fixing greenhouse shading can be tricky but companies such as EZ of Northampton will tailor-make shadings complete with elastic straps and I find these very effective and easy to adjust.
And we were no longer scanning forms designed for scanning, but student transcripts in all shapes, sizes, colors and shadings from all over the world.