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For students and educators, job shadowing provides an answer to the question, ``Why do I have to learn this?
edu/kli) found that students who participate in job shadowing tend to have more positive expectations about their futures, believing that they are more likely to finish high school, obtain a college degree, and get a fulltime job than are non-participants.
For many students, job shadowing offers the chance to explore an occupation at a given jobsite by observing.
National job shadowing is a coordinated effort of America's Promise, Junior Achievement, the U.
Dozens of high school students Monday spent a day in the life of the San Fernando Valley's aerospace industry, getting career tips from flying paramedics, jet mechanics and rocket scientists as part of a national job- shadowing program.
When we asked those in the business community if job shadowing was in their future, there was a resounding yes - with participation by 146 students and 114 business hosts in this yearly kick-off event.
Job shadowing is popular with businesses, educators, students and parents alike because it is effective.