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How those glorious names used to shake down the thunder from the sky: Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Red Grange, Johnny Weissmuller, Bill Tilden, Tommy Hitchcock, Sonja Henie, Charlie Paddock, Bobby Jones, and Paavo Nurmi.
Finally, Bartholomew's father helps shake down the ripe apples, and the two of them enjoy an apple pie.
Who knew the Black Panthers used to confront and shake down poor Jimi for cash after his shows?
Nierenberg interlaces his story of gospel's coming of age with plenty of foot-pounding, handclapping tunes that let out the Spirit and shake down the rafters.
He also must have had to shake down every rollerblader on the premises to get enough wax to make that thing slide, 'cause it's ROUGH.
Bridgend driver Pesticcio, last year's Mitsubishi EVO Challenge winner, brought out his new 280 bhp EVO 7 at the popular Sweet Lamb stage during a pre-season shake down in Mid Wales.
So, with a new Kahr P9 in my possession, I set out to give it a shake down.
What has been less noted is that candidates now shake down the PACs.
She was caught on a hidden video camera trying to shake down a reporter posing as a business for 500,000 dollars in exchange for meeting her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.
And politicians themselves can also easily line their pockets from fat book contracts or shake down corporations for donations to their "family foundations" and trusts.
One non-negotiable part of the plan must be to end the fiefdoms that allow City Council members to decide virtually every project in their districts - a system that never had any purpose beyond allowing politicians to shake down developers and look after their friends.