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The angle in which the photographs were clicked, portrayed she did not shake hands with the president at all.
Shake hands if you mean it, shake hands if you want to shake hands.
While explaining the incident, Genc said the deputy insistently wanted to shake hands with him although he had said he will not as he does not support the AK Party, saying he kindly told them to continue their visits.
I heard someone ask if he wanted to shake hands with the audience and he said no.
The three points are far more important than whether the two teams shake hands as Chelsea look to maintain their 100 per cent start to the Premier League campaign.
The debate took different forms throughout the world, with some Muslims supporting her decision, while others thought she was attracting unwanted attention by refusing to shake hands with a man whom they claimed was harmless.
And does it mean that if I don't shake hands with a player I am not being respectful?
THERE is currently a furore in the football world over the failure of one top player to shake hands with another.
He explained: "For some reason - and you can only call it superstition - I don't shake hands with the players before they go out to a game, if I'm doing the job of physio that day.
Shiryan said that Ayalon then requested that Faysal shake hands with him, and Faysal responded saying, "You are the one who should come to me and shake my hand.
I don't know why Wenger didn't shake hands with the other coach.
TONY PULIS and Gary Megson believe rival managers should always shake hands - whether they mean it or not.