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Trump's tensed up body-language during the photo-op and his refusal to shake hands with Merkel did not gone down well across the globe, as he was chastised for the incidents and many branded his behaviors as rude and "un-President" like.
The angle in which the photographs were clicked, portrayed she did not shake hands with the president at all.
Although Neil and Benitez did not shake hands, the Norwich boss insists he has "absolutely no problems" with the Newcastle manager.
If we meet today it would be no problem to say sorry and to shake hands, to have a talk about whatever.
And about his refusal to shake hands with Pulis, McClean said: "You can't act that way.
When a first- or third-base coach reaches out to shake hands, give a high-five or pat the batter/runner after hitting a home run, it is allowed because the ball is dead and the coach is not trying to assist the runner/batter.
It is an issue between two individuals - if they want to shake hands that's fine, but I would much rather concentrate on the camaraderie between managers, between clubs.
According to the Doy-an news agency, AK Party ystanbul deputy HE-seyin BE-rge wanted to shake hands with hairdresser Mustafa Genc as he was paying visits to shopkeepers in Syraselviler but Genc refused to shake hands with the deputy.
I heard someone ask if he wanted to shake hands with the audience and he said no.
I'll shake hands before and after like I always do.
It is sure to be a passionate atmosphere for the Loftus Road derby given the events of last season's match and Hills are betting on whether the two teams shake hands.
I had promised my wife, the manager and the directors that I was going to shake hands with Evra.