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Characters can be beaten up, shaken down or run over and women are degraded on a fairly routine basis.
And he recounted numerous meetings with his counterparts around the world, citing "the less edifying experience of being shaken down by the defense minister of Kyrgyzstan for rent at Manas air base.
But we're lucky we haven't been shaken down to seed-corn in a ragged sack, looped & cinched tight, lumps of dirt hidden in our coat pockets.
That tells us one thing about this race, and that is it hasn't shaken down to its final configuration," said Peter Hart, a Democratic pollster who co-directed the poll.
An Iranian college student in the Philippines has told police he was being shaken down by a woman who is threatening to file false rape charges against him unless he pays her 20,000 Philippine pesos ($430).
Even though the entire street was shut down and his restaurant was shaken down by the secret service, Luna didn't mind.