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Steak n Shakes focus on quality including using 100% beef without preservatives or artificial ingredients, as well as fresh produce, always hand-crafted to order has created the benchmark for success in the better burger category.
For something a little sweeter, Shake Shack will offer fresh-made frozen custard and an assortment of shakes.
Dubai: Exotic milk shakes - famously known as freak shakes - have come a long way since the first blends were served in the Australian capital Canberra.
The shakes, which are available for a limited time, have already been rolled out to some restaurants starting Wednesday.
Unlike other meal replacement shakes, Indulge Right's shakes are crafted with culinary expertise, with a focus on flavor first.
Then it progresses to an explanation of how the earth also shakes sometimes, when there is an earthquake.
The menu includes Shake Shack's signature vanilla and chocolate frozen custard as well as seven signature hand-spun shakes (vanilla, chocolate, caramel, black and white, strawberry, peanut butter and coffee fair shake).
The outlet offers a variety of shakes, juices and coffees as well.
Sydney, Sept 11 (ANI): Health experts have expressed uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of diet shakes for weight loss.
Keene strives to give shakes a modern twist with house-made ice creams and flavors such as strawberry-pineapple, mint chip with fresh mint, and peanut butter cup-fudge swirl with peanuts.
Abbott Nutrition, Columbus, OH, has introduced an "improved" line of Glucerna nutrition products, which includes cereal, shakes and snack bars with new ingredients to help manage blood sugar spikes.