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Sunday, Yost rankled Royals fans by inserting the team's shakiest reliever into a sixth-inning jam, refusing to use one of his reliable arms before the seventh.
286), and that the 'moment we feel our research has captured an understanding of childhood we are on the shakiest ground' (p.
Underperforming rookie dramas "Hostages" and "Intelligence" aren't expected back, so all the net's veteran hours may return, with "The Mentalist" probably on the shakiest ground.
Once again - despite its shakiest season so far - the RTE show triumphed when it came to the nominations.
Milford (Bob Hope) may be the shakiest gun in the west, but with all of the big stars appearing in cameos for his benefit, they make it an easier job for him to get his man.
German philosopher Max Horkheimer would say that he would prefer the shakiest democracy to the dictatorship that would follow.
The yet-to-be-launched "Cyber Bike" app at the Samsung stage turns the argument that video games are bad on its head, as gamers use legs on bikes -- instead of hands on gaming consoles -- to cycle their way to gaming victory, while BlackBerry has come out with something to ease the shakiest of camera hands.
Geological Survey researchers to create a rough map of the shakiest spots in California's 2009 Morgan Hill earthquake.
cushion, by the end of 2007 Bear Stearns was clearly the shakiest of the
This is where Moore's assertion that black lesbians are increasingly able to live openly within their black communities seems shakiest.
Don't fear the futuristic shape--this liner grips bike a pencil, meaning even the shakiest hands can sweep on steady stripe: NYX The Curve, $151 ngxcosmetics.
In what is likely the book's shakiest linkage, Iris Bruce takes as a springboard the speculative notion that Kafka really wanted to emigrate to Palestine and examines his current border-crossing between Israeli and Palestinian worlds.