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A Kyle Boller who completed just 11 of 25 passes for 190 yards and two touchdowns, by far his shakiest performance of the year.
Parks has been retained as stand-off for the Celtic League clash at Hughenden despite his shakiest display in a Warriors jersey in the hammering by the Ospreys.
But although Rangers had made the shakiest of re-starts and were starting to lose the sympathy of their fans, they hit Monaco with another early goal just seven minutes after the break.
In one of Newbury Parks' shakiest first halves in recent memory, Czernek and the Panthers wasted two scoring opportunities inside the Oxnard 30 and turned the ball over three times.
Instead, his jacket is on the shakiest nail in the Cabinet room.
Without their midfield inspiration, absent for eight games with a broken foot, Bolton have gone through their shakiest part of the season.
It might have been the shakiest night so far this season for Travis Carroll.
Which is why, 12 months and one relegation on, and with Hendry's treasured blue shirt currently hanging on the shakiest nail in Dick Advocaat's dressing room, Gallacher would have every right to feel bitter.
The Galaxy prefers to look at it as a match between one of the league's best scoring teams and its shakiest defensive team.
The West Country giants are trying to lure the scrum-half after their shakiest season for a decade.
ALAN Pardew is on the shakiest of ground after Albion capitulated to a damaging defeat to Leicester.
So while Monk started with some of the greatest advantages of any Boro boss ever - and with some of the highest demands - he was also on some of the shakiest foundations.