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Malaysia started their chase shakily with Rajesh Ranpura sending back their opener Shafiq Sharif for a duck.
And they began shakily as Sinoti Sinoti broke from deep and Tuilagi bounced off Marland Yarde only to be forced into touch inches short.
On balance beam, Maria Kharenkova performed shakily and fell forward on her dismount, and Daria Spiridonova fell on an aerial skill.
The bird shakily pointed to a burning tree and told him the fire had been started by the Tromp-king himself.
The Starlights started shakily, allowing Nottingham to take an early lead.
Salim al- Shakily, Head of team of information access said that the interest of institutions which enjoy privacy in some information have been taken into consideration when drafting the information access law, noting that on the other hand the interests of citizens about their right to access information has also been taken into account.
Once I'd shakily climbed the ladder and popped my head up through the hatch I knew this wasn't going to be a quick visit.
Watching how smart they are, I fear I might be no match now for the nerveless dexterity of their wee fingers while I would fret shakily over millimetres of balsa.
The hosts started the game shakily with scrappy play and errors disrupting the flow of the game.
The woman, who cannot be identified, broke down in the witness box and shakily took a drink of water before carrying on.
SMITH Lilian No Birthday card in the post, No glass to raise in a Birthday toast, No gift to buy and watch your face, As you pretend it's exactly to your taste, Just flowers to lay at your graveside, With words said shakily, Trying to hide, The emotions that are still very raw, For the wonderful Wife and Mam, We all adore.
Then, too, are the issues of plastic pollution in our oceans, the public health threats posed by toxic chemicals in our products and food supply and the increasing concerns of extreme weather events, invasive species and the wholesale loss of marine life and wildlife as our world shakily adjusts to rising global temperatures.