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I don't mind hand shaking with the opposite gender.
It felt like someone was on the end of my bed shaking it.
And heightened arousal -- whether through wild dancing, spontaneous jumping, or bodily shaking -- may be as valuable a healing and transformative practice as sitting quietly in a lotus position.
one is aware that shaking a baby--even for a few seconds--is far more dangerous and carries more long.
He said: "I don't want people to start hitting their children but people need to know just how dangerous shaking a baby can be.
A NSPCC survey in Liverpool showed that of 16 babies who had suffered shaking injuries, seven died and nine were handicapped.
Wong studied the triple threat by modeling the peak shaking in Seattle from three quakes: an offshore subduction quake of magnitude 8.
Former Canyon great Lauren Fleshman was the last runner from the school to make a point of shaking everyone's hand.
Preliminary data collected by strong-motion recorders in the region indicate that the quake may have produced exceptionally strong vertical shaking.
Through shaking, the beverages become aerated, bringing out a variety of distinctive flavors for a light, frothy drink with an incredible new taste.
May 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Shaking the life-sized infant simulator is disturbing.
We started hearing the boom and the house started shaking.