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The operation apparently followed leads that the cars were being driven by persons who were allegedly shaking down owners of restaurants and other premises.
a partially blind black teenager whose casual conversation with a cop lands him in jail for three grisly murders he didn't commit; Bill Phillips, a white police officer who makes enough money shaking down the people on his beat to buy his own airplane; and Dhoruba bin Wahad, a street kid turned Black Panther.
From dumping rotting bodies to shaking down those that owe protection money, the illusion of being part of a true crime syndicate is never broken.
So it"s possible BMW could be shaking down the new Cooper S engines - rumoured to be 1.
That keeps the glue near the spout--no more shaking down half-filled bottles.
Hanna made McKinley governor of Ohio by shaking down the corporate interests of the day.
Organized crime gangs are shaking down Internet betting sites on the eve of American football's Super Bowl, threatening to unleash a crippling data attack unless they pay a "protection" fee, police and site operators said, reports Reuters (Jan.
As the alderman of the 16th Ward in the early 1970s and again in the mid-1980s, Langford often found officers shaking down black residents or beating them, she said.