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Mid of Juan arlos I shaking hand with Pranab Mukherjee
Their school previously accommodated their request while upholding importance of gender equality, by excusing the pupils from shaking hands with any teacher.
The act of shaking hands at the start of a conversation has already been shown to create better cooperation and trust between humans.
Better Together leader Alistair Darling's visit to Glasgow Central Mosque divided the opinions of those at Friday prayers, with some shaking hands and posing for "selfie" photographs with the Labour MP while others looked on in disapproval.
The hosts left the stadium without even shaking hands with the Services players, who waited for close to half an hour on the field.
It is funny, but shaking hands is one of the biggest thing to spread virus," he added.
Arsene Wenger has banned his players from shaking hands until further notice.
It is funny but shaking hands is one of the biggest ways to spread virus.
The players must make sure they show respect to the victims of Hillsborough by shaking hands.
Indeed, the whole handshake charade is a meaningless gesture which reminds me of that silly episode in the communion service when we are all supposed to rush among the pews shaking hands with complete strangers, smiling and saying 'peace be with you'.
Others have suggested that shaking hands between sexes is permissible when outside Yemen, but inside the country, the cultural rules should be respected.
knew who he was shaking hands with, a frequent problem at multi-lingual receptions where the introduction is often translated for the second person after the handshake is completed But Iran didn't deal with that nuance; it simply denied there had been any handshake at all and charged that the news story was a plot to try to make it appear Iran was recognizing Israel.