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I feel terribly shaky and dizzy," Arthur said, as he stood leaning on Adam's arm; "that blow of yours must have come against me like a battering-ram.
He blew a hole in the skirt of my kimono, bless his shaky old hand, but we got a jacket on him, and he's to be all right in a week.
You can lock the door upon them, but they burst open their shaky lattices and call out over the house-tops so that men cannot but hear.
It did not grieve me any to notice that the old gate was getting a little shaky.
Weren't you a little shaky by Southend Pier one day, and wanted to be thrown overboard?
The carriage horses were both fat and aged, still they matched; the carriage was shaky and uncomfortable, but the Otway arms were visible on the panels.
Indeed he was quite a different person altogether from the rather shaky old man who had entered the prospector with me ten or eleven years before, for the trial trip that had plunged us into such wondrous ad-ventures and into such a strange and hitherto un-dreamed-of-world.
And the next moment he was standing over it, staggering and swaying on shaky legs, clutching at the air for support, and saying in a voice he did not recognize:-
His lordship is a man to whom I owe much, everything in life," said the Right Reverend Doctor Trail, thinking that the Archbishop was rather shaky, and Mrs.
Driving crude lower have been a firmer dollar (outside the case for USD-JPY), and still shaky stock market sentiment, despite a rebound on European bourses today, with Asian markets having ended on a shaky footing and S&P 500 futures showing a 0.
He is bruised and shocked and shaky and upset and his face has swollen up like a balloon.
Hot Dog, released in February 1980, zoomed into the charts at S number 24, and within six months, Shaky had broken the Top 20 with Marie, Marie.