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The numerical model implies that where fine-grained, unconsolidated sedimentary deposits existed on top of an icy permafrost layer, melting of ground ice and the development of subsurface aquifers could have taken place at shallow depths.
Wells are usually bored or driven in shallow aquifers and are more susceptible to contamination caused by human activities on the surface.
But he cried out in pain when he hit the bottom of the metre-deep shallow end.
At right, a flowery dress was found in 1969 in a shallow grave with a mangled, unidentifiable body off the Interstate 5 Freeway in Castaic.
Geological Survey in Denver that described another deep-dwelling fish, the razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus), that swims to the shallows to breed.
Don't let your vacation turn tragic playing a simple children's game in shallow water.
Back in 2003, Jason is a rich preppy from Chicago who has a demanding girlfriend, beautiful but shallow.
2 shows 1 driving over 4's screen and down toward the basket at X3, 2 running a shallow cut through the lane, and 5 moving up into the lane.
Her body was found two weeks later in a shallow grave 100 miles away.
The design has a very shallow recessed downlighter which uses the new Micro Lynx-F lamp from Sylvania.
Despite excessive media coverage, 2001 has not been an exceptional year for shark attacks, though they're being seen in very shallow water.