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an officer and an ambulance responded at Oakdale Rehabilitation Center, on North Main Street, for an unresponsive person with shallow breathing.
and reported that he was experiencing shallow breathing and decreased airflow.
Signs of shock include slow, shallow breathing, bright red gums and a rapid heartbeat.
pdf) heroin overdose include "slow and shallow breathing, blue lips and fingernails, clammy skin, convulsions, coma, and possible death.
The Rapid Shallow Breathing Index, (RSBI), Maximal Inspiratory Pressure, (MIP) and PaO2/FiO2 ratio remain the most reliable triad of weaning indicators.
At some point in our lives, one in three of us will suffer a bona fide anxiety disorder -- a condition severe enough to require medical attention, with symptoms ranging from a dry mouth and sweaty palms to fast, shallow breathing, insomnia, and a racing heart.
Many runners get 'stitch' cramps on their sides, likely caused by shallow breathing," says Deb Plitt, a Life Fitness master trainer.
max]) (69 [42] [35 to 50]) and the rapid shallow breathing index (83 [51] [43 to 58]).
Heed early warnings of heat stress, such as headache, heavy perspiration, high pulse rate, and shallow breathing.
Unfortunately, over the years, many people develop poor breathing habits, such as deep sighs, gasps, breath-holding or rapid, shallow breathing that can all undermine wellbeing.
Pained expressions, screaming and shallow breathing.
When they wear off, patients generally need opioid analgesics, which cause side effects such as nausea, sedation, shallow breathing, constipation, sleepiness and itching.