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But at the end of a career - unless you are the shallowest of individuals - you don't frame pay-slips.
But HCS, which helped reopen Huddersfield Narrow Canal in 2001, has also called for dredging of the shallowest pounds (the stretches of water between locks), greater numbers of moorings and more tunnel passages during the cruising season.
One of the shallowest scenes in the beginning of the film shows Oy-uz and his girlfriend lying in bed while Oy-uz rants about how the girl will probably meet another guy while he is away and then emotionally tries to manipulate her into dumping him through one of the most juvenile dialogues I have ever heard.
And Stark then watched as his patchwork 11 were forced to cling on for the narrowest, maybe even shallowest, of international wins.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- While wave watching is a favorite pastime of beachgoers, few notice what is happening in the shallowest water.
The seeming stability and outward calm in social life concealed, even glorified, the shallowest and most murderous expressions that any police state would diffuse.
It is 24 miles long, and its width varies from three-quarters of a mile in the north, where the deepest waters are found, to five miles in the south, where the shallowest waters are found.
If Iran goes ahead with its intention, naturally, negative effects may ensue--in particular, in the Kazakh part of the Caspian since our off-shore areas are the shallowest, and our scientists believe that the level of water may fall considerably," Muslim Zhiyenbayev told ITAR-TASS.
48 g/t in MARC0001 is the shallowest economic mineralisation intersected at the M10 Prospect to date and should have a positive impact on open-pit mining economics.
It is a structure with its roots dangling in the shallow end of the value system, with the shallowest of its recipients using it at every opportunity to gain more favour, more climbing up the social ladder and more respect from people whose shallowness surpasses even their own.
7m which will allow it to reach the shallowest areas of the Arabian Gulf, normal cruising speed of 12.
The agreement ending President Ali Abdullah Saleh's 33-year rule provides for only the shallowest of changes at the top of the regime, something the U.