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Pronotum anteriorly with small V-shaped median prominence often overhanging anterior margin, or prominence very small, rounded or lacking; clypeus anteriorly shallowly emarginated or truncate; pronotum usually mostly or entirely black, frequently with greenish cast .
The result of this work was a stacked series of relatively shallowly west dipping lodes dominantly hosted by granitic rocks with their gross geometry probably reflecting the shape of the granitic stock.
2] is shallowly dipping and are recumbently folded, with inter-limb angles that are closed to isodinal.
As at Marley, modelling of ground magnetic data suggest that this prospect is controlled by a north-trending, shallowly plunging antiformal structure.
After three attempts I got him breathing shallowly, but lost him three times.
I have read the comments by Xue et al and I agree that the gum elastic bougie should not be inserted too deeply or too shallowly.
Hoe off weeds as shallowly as you can, loosen soil with a fork and 'puddle' plants into the soil, adding a little liquid fertiliser.
3: 1), widest at apical fourth, median carina broad, lateral margins carinate, area between median carina and lateral margins shallowly depressed.
blanda should be planted shallowly in the soil in autumn, arranged randomly for a natural effect.
They raised rye in test plots in Beltsville, killed it with herbicide, and then either tilled it shallowly into the soil or left the dead rye stalks untilled on the surface.
5 mm long, 1-2 mm wide, subsessile, apices often trilobate; ultimate segments ovate to suborbicular, 2-4 pairs, contiguous, apices roundish, bases subcordate, subsessile, margins entire; veins flee, 2-furcate; sori at the ends of the veinlets, each covered by a slightly enrolled lobule, pauci-sporangiate; sporangia glabrous; spores tetrahedral, shallowly echinate, 32 per sporangium.
Hurst's analysis of Grant shallowly tills this already well-plowed field.