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The depth of the jungle/rainforest, whose inhabitants live lightly on the land, can only contrast with the shallowness of Western materialism, consuming the earth to death.
Though intrigued by both at first, he soon tires of Holly's insecure intellectualizing and Marina's shallowness.
Steir's waters spring from abundant sources, but thin out to a distressing shallowness by the time they hit the falls.
ARROGANT Julie Kirkbride's refusal to do the decent thing and stand down exposes the shallowness of David Cameron's claims he's cracking down on money-grabbing MPs.
Hartley has sent up a strange fable with dashes of magic realism and modern cynicism that, among other things, condemns the shallowness of the media.
Obviously some old goats will say this is an awful idea, you shouldn't bring showbiz shallowness to such a serious subject.
While he struggles to plumb the depths of his shallowness, nefarious forces are out to commandeer what little there is of Zoolander's mind.
Unfocused carping without tabling a single credible alternative is no substitute for serious analysis, exposing the fatal shallowness of Tory thinking.
The filmmakers dress up the book's incredulous camp with an extraordinary elegance that tries hard to disguise the shallowness of the enterprise.
Louise Glaum stars in ``Sex,'' a saucy 1917 drama about a homewrecker who gets her thrills by stealing other women's husbands, until she faces the shallowness of her existence when the tables are turned on her.
This means our favourite flat-sharing losers Mark and Jez are effectively stuck with each other for a fifth series of self-serving shallowness, doomed attempts at ingratiating themselves with the opposite sex and spot-on cultural analyses of the modern world.
Their wildly uninhibited second-act nude romp during a driving rainstorm (impressively realized by the lighting and sound effects of John Fejes and Andrea Sumpter/Phillis Osman, respectively) serves as a final cathartic unleashing of their lives from the deadening shallowness that surrounds them.