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I will focus on the shallowness of the Arab personality in terms of politics and religion.
Second, they can produce more damaging ground motion at lower magnitudes due to their shallowness.
The shallowness of his argument is indicated by his use of hyperbole in 'roll out the red carpet'.
If his statement is an indication of the depth of research behind the council's decision, then I am staggered by its shallowness.
The image of the literary production in this century has long been one of shallowness by bourgeois authors, leading an unobtrusive life.
there were two men praying in the lee of their truck, prayer mat flapping, dust cloud billowing, praying I presume to the same God as the undoubtedly pious officials who have raised hopes for so long and delivered to date, only shallowness and emptiness.
The shallowness of the earthquake (10 km focal depth) and frequent aftershocks contributed significantly to the destruction.
On this occasion, she has exposed the shallowness of these policies even further when she challenges the findings of the scrutiny report and contrasts these with the actions of the council.
We have a real crisis that demands real solutions, and Cameron, with his shallowness, his disinclination to think seriously, his laziness and his 'chillaxing', is manifestly not up to the job" - TV historian David Starkey.
Frankly I'm shocked and appalled at the shallowness of your line of questioning.
WITH typical Yankee shallowness, motormouth American news network CNN has listed Liverpool''s Metropolitan Cathedral among the world''s 10 ugliest buildings.
His shallowness and vanity was evident when he chose hair wax as his luxury item, rather than a photo of a loved one.