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This means that a significant number of sham marriages may be going undetected.
Great effect Rumi (Great Court) is known as the Divan of Shams PROSPER.
Data Source: The study included 151 patients with established CHD who were randomized to traditional acupuncture, sham acupuncture, or a wait-list control arm.
Those who target a physician for sham peer review will often initiate "small attacks" at quality care or mortality-morbidity meetings in an attempt to test the accusations, and to learn ways they might refine accusations to make them more effective in the future.
That is, a court should hot overlook the possibility of a sham or, even worse, give it legal effect in order to achieve a result that it feels is appropriate in the circumstances, as the Federal Court of Appeal did in 1524994 Ontario Ltd.
Sikh Diaspora incliding SGPC, Amrican Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (AGPC), Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Managemnet Committee (DSGMC) and Sikh council Switzerland welcomed the election of Sham Singh.
Shown clockwise from top are the Sferra Olympia king sham - $140, Versai Milano geometric standard sham - $170, Versai Milano jacquard Euro sham - $195, and Sferra Ella king sham - $130.
It held that a transaction is a sham if the transaction has no nontax business purpose and lacks economic substance in the form of a potential profit.
Because BDHMI assumed the responsibility for the management, servicing and administration of Black & Decker's health plan, considered and proposed numerous health care cost containment strategies, and maintained salaried employees, the transaction had very real economic implications for participants in Black & Decker's health plan and should not be treated as a sham transaction.
SHAM marriages between Pakistanis and Latvian nationals in Ireland have risen by 50%.