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Since the scheme was introduced in October 2013, 400 employers have been named and shamed, with total arrears of over Au1,181,000 and total penalties of over Au513,000.
By contrast, Professor Jacquet disagrees that being shamed publically is a bad thing, rather that shame is a tool that brings about powerful social change, not against individuals but resistance against corrupt institutions.
But in his latest, So You've Been Publicly Shamed (Picador, PS16.
42) If one was publicly shamed, it meant that he not only broke the written law but also the law of a higher power.
DOCTORS who fail to meet targets for spotting signs of cancer in their patients should be named and shamed, say Tory ministers.
Manama: Saudi Arabia's commerce ministry has named and shamed a businessman for breaking the law by selling expired food products.
Franklin found that governments with close economic ties to other countries curbed repression, at least in the short term, after being shamed.
Working from Plato's seminal text on shame, the Gorgias, Tarnopolsky follows the winding path of Socrates' elenchus through the dialogue, as the argument progresses down a devolving path that parallels the devolving quality of interlocutor--from the good-natured, well-intended rhetorician Gorgias, to his brazen student Polus, to the intimidating Callicles, one of the Thirty Tyrants, puppets of Sparta who shamed their city, a champion of freedom, by victimizing foreigners and citizens.
I feel alone with my shame, singular in my susceptibility to being shamed for this stigma that has now become mine and mine alone.
Now that the Bear and Stearns's executives have been cleared, they can legitimately say that they bear no responsibility for what happened and hence have absolutely no reason to be shamed.
This connection could take an active or passive form as the shamed individual attempted to manage his or her feelings.
Companies that do not pay the full tax for which they are liable could also be named and shamed.