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So Eumaeus went up to him and said, "Stranger, Telemachus sends you this, and says you are to go the round of the suitors begging, for beggars must not be shamefaced.
She had worked like a great artist; for a time--indeed, for years--she had been meaningless, but at the end there was presented to the girl the complete picture of a cheerless, loveless world in which the young rush to destruction until they learn better--a shamefaced world of precautions and barriers which may avert evil, but which do not seem to bring good, if we may judge from those who have used them most.
He took a step forward; her eyes and mine were riveted upon him; and I still wonder which of us admired him the more, as he stood there in his pride and his humility, gallant and young, and yet shamefaced and sad.
I know it is more or less a shamefaced thing to speak of one's feelings before others; and yet here am I talking like this to you, and am not a bit ashamed or shy.
He appeared shamefaced in the dock and it was revealed that he was already the subject of a court order.
Pundit Paul Merson will certainly regret his strong opinions, in a pre-match rant on TV, against Puel's 10 changes and Leicester fans will feel shamefaced this morning for joining in the condemnation.
SHAMEFACED puppy Rocco is caught "red pawed" after mauling a beanbag.
SHAMEFACED Chris Evans admitted Top Gear stunts filmed near the Cenotaph looked "disrespectful" as the BBC vowed the footage would not be broadcast.
Were they not standing shamefaced alongside their charges in the dock?
To call our Prime Minister arrogant because he is trying to pass legislation on the matter of English votes for English matters is shamefaced humbug.
My daughter wanted to climb it too and when I chided her for wanting to do so by telling her to respect the once majestic tree, it was in a sad condition with major branches removed and the burned middle part, those that heard came down shamefaced.
You'd expect the player to be shamefaced about his latest indiscretion and his colleagues to keep quiet.