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It's a shameful act of terrorism by these criminals targeting firemen and even policemen.
It is shameful not to be able to have a comprehensive history book for the curriculum, and it is also shameful that political differences is the reason that we have not chronicled events in Lebanon after the year 1947," Bou Sb told Voice of Lebanon radio station.
Ramadi (NINA) - The Emir of Dulaim Tribes, Sheikh Ali Hatim al-Sulayman described gestures by some officials of a civil war as shameful and calls on the people to entrenchment.
There is nothing wrong in having different points of view but, it is shameful to complain to the outside world," he said in press statements Thursday.
The producers and directors of this film are very wrong and shameful," Gaye told TMZ.
PLANS by the Government to introduce a so-called "bedroom tax" next year have been branded shameful by a North East Labour MP.
He said: "The shameful and disgusting behaviour of Sir Irvine Patnick is a significant feature in the Hillsborough Independent Panel report and his knighthood should be removed immediately.
Victims and survivors suffered not just on April 15, 1989 in Sheffield, but for over two decades afterwards with the shameful slandering of their actions by people who abused their position and power.
It is nowhere near enough following the shameful treatment of this proud man.
The fear and terror caused our older people here is shameful.
How shameful, suspicious and pathetic are the attitudes of Arab states toward the humanitarian conditions in Syria.
Rallies were taken out from various parts of the provincial capital to condemn the step by "Facebook" and termed it as a shameful act.