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Cuthbert, for letting me grow up and be so shamefully imposed upon, but of course I don't blame you as I do the others.
The fragments which were found accidentally stuck together by the gum, and which represent the part of the letter first completely reconstructed, begin at the phrase, "I spoke of you shamefully, Eustace;" and end with the broken sentence, "If in paying me this little attention, you only encouraged me by one fond word or one fond look, I resolved not to take--" With the assistance thus afforded to us, the labor of putting together the concluding half of the letter (dated "October 20") was trifling, compared with the almost insurmountable difficulties which we encountered in dealing with the scattered wreck of the preceding pages.
And when you used him shamefully, I took his part and loved him--There
This not only makes a nonsense of attempts to control illegal immigration but shamefully exploits thousands of desperate human beings.
RANGERS are refusing to dump Simply The Best as the club "anthem" despite tens of thousands of fans shamefully corrupting the lyrics with sectarian chants.
In the first 11 days of the PSNI's Christmas drink driving campaign 138 people shamefully tested positive for drink-driving.
Still, shamefully he has never become a household name.
Shamefully they are all too busy pushing their greedy business contracts towards the Chinese bankers to care.
Whether one agrees with either war or not, it is an obscenity for the men and women of our armed forces to be treated so shamefully.
I'm not going to reveal the shamefully low wages of a newspaper columnist/editorial writer, but suffice it to say it would be an enormous raise.
HE appalling spectre of racism continues to haunt football, as the disgraceful taunts suffered by Djibril CissA during Wednesday night's match in Bulgaria, against CSKA Sofia, demonstrated so shamefully.
They should pick South Africa - and not just because they feel guilty for not giving the Rainbow Nation the 2006 event when they shamefully handed it to Germany.