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Elementary students from a Chicago housing project rise to the occasion and fight for an equal opportunity after being faced with shamefully, inadequate conditions at their neighborhood school.
The University of Illinois and Florida State University are just two of many universities that have shamefully continued using offensive caricatures of Native Americans as team mascots.
Each girl makes different choices when confronted with the attentions of an irresistible older guy who behaves shamefully.
It feels shamefully rare now to find poems like these--each stanza is a set of open arms to the world.
And now we see, thanks to Paul Peterson, Frederick Hess, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) (see page 52), that many states have set their standards shamefully low, which gives the citizens of those states a false sense of comfort--and shields their educators from criticism.
One of Goff's greatest houses was torched by persons unknown--a crime that was shamefully hushed up.
At its worst, however, this retooling leaves future retirees vulnerable to the very outcome the system was meant to prevent, a penurious old age, while it shamefully deposits an additional burden of as much as $5 trillion onto our children and grandchildren.
While this 56% success rate (413 cases solved out of 728) would be considered shamefully low in the First World, the Mexico City media treated it as a success and a sign that the Mexico City police department, long criticized as corrupt, incompetent and criminal itself, has made significant strides.
She is so involved with foreign missions, worrying about the welfare of those on the other side of the world, that she shamefully neglects her own children.
As an Episcopalian in the diocese of South Carolina, a diocese that has been in the forefront of opposition to his consecration, I hope that copies of your magazine will find their way to my own bishop and others who have acted so shamefully unchristian over this issue.
He shamefully boasted of using marijuana and steroids in his own autobiography .
Still, in the middle of this aesthetic junk room whose dull romanticism reeks of the middle class--the same middle class that, when the time came in Germany to make fateful political decisions, shamefully failed--I couldn't help but feel an uneasiness.