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Members share data and resources on what is working in diversity and, according to Fraser, "then steal shamelessly from each other.
Americans are learning, to their dismay, that success in the new global environment means a radically reduced standard of living as our industrial and hi-tech sectors are shamelessly strip-mined by our rootless, amoral ruling elite.
Nonetheless, despite our rejoicing in the spirit and the heart that clearly remains, we mourn, shamelessly, the passing of those trappings and of that bureaucracy.
The struggle for those ideals continues, even if the men who espouse them are determinedly and shamelessly trashed.
She hates the misogyny that exists in the Baptist church and the military (the Air Force shamelessly mishandles the investigation of the rape Dickerson suffered abroad at the hands of a fellow officer).
Viroli recognizes that Machiavelli views the world from below, from the angle of his poverty, exclusion, and suffering, but he fails to see how Machiavelli's feelings also made him scorn the timid, cowardly mass of humanity and identify with the powerful, with princes such as Cesare Borgia and Castruccio Castracani who shamelessly deceived and manipulated others.
In one section, "Let the Good Times Roll," a trio of men madly shimmy their shoulders, shamelessly flirting with an audience that rightly responds to them as goofballs rather than as sex symbols.
A boss tom turkey struts at the edge of the dark timber, shamelessly displaying his russet-feathered magnificence for the edification of the mountain's hen population.
Today, huge firms gobble upsmaller ones and shamelessly raid competitors for top lawyers and clients.
What began as a bipartisan consensus on so-called 'free trade'," said Gerard, "has turned into a one-man surrender of our trade laws by a president who rejects any responsibility for protecting American workers from unfair trade while shamelessly pandering to financiers who profit from the repression of workers in the developing world.
Terming the 'clamping of strict curfew on Eid ul Azha and choking every means of communication, killing four innocent persons on Eid days and injuring hundreds of others as new model of oppression created and executed by PDP/BJP alliance,' Yasin Malik said that Kashmiri have witnessed worst type of Indian oppression during 70 years of Indian occupation 'but the callous and shameless behaviour of present rulers, who instead of showing some regret for their crimes against humanity shamelessly defend these acts by fabricating different excuses, is not only unimaginable but inhuman too.
The Olympian's face reddened as the lawyer described him as "a man who wanted to run with able-bodied athletes but who will now shamelessly use disability as an excuse".