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Cellist Jonathan Aasgaard Conductor John Wilson - milked Bruch's shamelessly sentimental Adagio
Former Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins calls our bluff with textbook rock and roll nostalgia, shamelessly plundering riffs from AC/DC, Status Quo, Thin Lizzy and Queen, then adding helium vocals and baroque guitar twiddling.
Either way, Bouchet shamelessly and systematically exploited typical blockbuster films to create a new cinematic experience.
s thesis is that the great witnesses of the early church embraced shame shamelessly.
Yes, politicians and nations shamelessly wave their flags, primp their colors and bellow about their medals, but in the end it's still about athletic achievement, pride and honor -- not protests and boycotts, and certainly not by anyone waving a U.
There is no series of films that I have done that have the same spirit and are so, if you will, shamelessly made for the audience - not to pander to them, but to give them an exciting ride," Ford told reporters.
This shamelessly smutty site celebrates the inadvertently phallic logo by handing out gongs to those that are the most life like.
This will be the same Steve Bruce who has shamelessly subjected Paul Robinson to criticism and allegations of thuggery following his clash with Damien Johnson - a challenge deemed so inoffensive that not even the FA saw anything wrong with it.
James Dobson has shamelessly exploited the National Day of Prayer to advance his divisive political agenda," said Americans United Executive Director Barry W.
In Top of the Class: How Asian Parents Raise High Achievers--and How You Can Too, Soo Kim Abboud and Jane Kim shamelessly promote the virtues of a stereotypical Asian home where parents limit TV time and kids study incessantly.
One highlight of the lean nine-episode first-season DVD set is episode 3, in which Keith David plays a gay patient who shamelessly flirts up a storm with bumbling George.
Jason, in turn, went on the Ellen television talk show rather shamelessly flashing a Stereo T-shirt, spending his time giving a somewhat backward endorsement for his mother Carol's Christmas cookies.