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From the moral sphere developed that of the sinner, and from shamelessness grew repentant love; but this new answer to the question, "What is man?
But this shrewd shepherding of a thriving economy is scarred by spasms of shamelessness and repression.
He's my secret vice, a sinner whose shamelessness is part of the attraction.
Even more evidence that Hamlet is riddled with a sense of shame related to his philosophical doubts is seen, ironically, through his defiant shamelessness.
VIENNA: Egypt accused Israel on Wednesday of displaying "chutzpah" - blatant shamelessness - in unusually harsh comments at a 151-nation meeting on the issue of a nuclear-free Mideast.
The hunger and destitution of the less privileged is overcome by the shamelessness of cash dispensed for the consumption of imported green leaves and blue cheese at a high-class eatery.
The arrogance and utter shamelessness of the Wall Street financial giants has been revealed--and in such a short time after their economic and moral collapse.
And now, the same cheerleaders who were so spectacularly wrong about Iraq - instead of crawling off with their tails between their legs and keeping their mouths shut - have the shamelessness to try to drum up a war with Iran and accuse the president of dithering in Afghanistan.
I've rejected two or three of them myself, but eventually my shamelessness got the best of me and I started wearing my medals to Ikea, where they give me a 20 percent discount for such a display.
Baghdad, Jun 9, (VOI)- Leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday told the visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that "Americans are trying with shamelessness to crack Iraq's unity, and to plant the disputes and separation seeds in it, after its independency.
He has the shamelessness of youth and energy, and of course, skill, that lets him get away with doing this kind of performance.