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Objective 3: develop high reliability assembly technologies of shapeable micro batteries, energy harvester and power management building blocks Objective 4: Develop and demonstrate high density, low profile, shapeable, long life time, rechargeable micro battery product family.
M2 PHARMA-December 17, 2014-FDA Clears ReFlow Medical's SpeX Shapeable Support Catheter
Manufacturer of shapeable sanding wheels for MDF and hardwood lineal mouldings, cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
Melt blown microfibers have been entangled in scrims or webs, staple fibers have been entangled in elastomeric structures to make stretch fabrics, binder fibers have been blended during entangling and later activated to offer shapeable or moldable fabrics and many other combinations have been produced to offer unique properties.
CEMEX expects to utilize freely shapeable ready-mix concrete to build inside and outside walls, ceilings, joists, and supports in a manner that respects the cultural heritage of this treasured historic city.