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In imagi- nation, he also became old and shapeless.
She roughly forced the stick into my hand; she turned her poor shapeless shoulders to me; waiting for the blow.
At times, some shapeless monster of the deep, floating on the surface, would, as we approached, sink slowly into the blue waters, and fade away from the sight.
The purposes for which a few shapeless pantries and a comfortless scullery were deemed sufficient at Fullerton, were here carried on in appropriate divisions, commodious and roomy.
On this side, near at hand, great mansions, white with moonlight, glared out from the midst of masses of foliage that lay black and shapeless in the shadows that fell from the cliff above--and down in the margin of the lake every feature of the weird vision was faithfully repeated.
One single man has made of all of those things a chaos more confused, more shapeless, more terrible than the chaos which existed before the creation of the world.
Her styles ranged from punk chic with torn jeans to glamorous jumpsuits and a shapeless T-shirt.
It's beyond me as to why anybody would voluntarily expose their aural cavities to even a note of Coldplay's shapeless, faux-melancholy canon.
This time fans, looking at the state of that shapeless mess, need some persuading.
We are sure the Bridget Jones' Diary star was going for an arty and bohemenian look but the multicoloured monstrosity just looked shapeless and old fashioned.
45pm A freezing cold sea, a shapeless knitted swimsuit and driving rain might not be everyone's idea of a fun time at the beach, but to a young Gloria Hunniford the experience was simply blissful.