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From my shapelessly cut hair and its fading fake red colour, the same old make-up that doesn't seem to stay on my face for longer than a nanosecond, to the clothes that scream dull, things externally aren't looking that good.
The banjo-playing band, "Your Father's Mustache," seems as far from my life as that Brooklyn apartment where my first ten years cascaded shapelessly forward.
We are looking inward for a need, for some psychological fact about us that makes it deeply distressing to us to live shapelessly, incoherently, discontinuously, meaninglessly--to live without standards" (153).
Almost every time the home team advanced, on the other hand, the attack reached a crescendo close to goal as Blues back-pedalled shapelessly. Steve Bruce's team have been denied the luxury of a settled defence on the pitch or on the training ground and it showed.
We arrived in Tehran at 3:00 a.m., but the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran demands that women be completely and shapelessly covered up at all times in public, even if it's pitch black outside, with only the hands and face showing.