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3 THE CHEAP, GRAY needle-punch carpeting used in many art fairs is used in countless ways--hanging shapelessly ceiling-to-floor; highlighting administrative structures--in the interiors designed by Uglycute for various cultural institutions.
From my shapelessly cut hair and its fading fake red colour, the same old make-up that doesn't seem to stay on my face for longer than a nanosecond, to the clothes that scream dull, things externally aren't looking that good.
The banjo-playing band, "Your Father's Mustache," seems as far from my life as that Brooklyn apartment where my first ten years cascaded shapelessly forward.
We are looking inward for a need, for some psychological fact about us that makes it deeply distressing to us to live shapelessly, incoherently, discontinuously, meaninglessly--to live without standards" (153).