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The Air Force Personnel Center will conduct a force shaping board in March 2007 for lieutenants in the 2004 year group in overage career fields.
In examining these situations, Hartigan shows how influential class can be in shaping racial interactions and racial identity.
As designed, the triangular plan of the building and its distinctive flaring nose-cone necessitated apparently tricky shaping of roof and cladding panels in both metal sheeting and exposed timber.
In this dialectic between his own readings and those of Henrician England (at least in his specially selected texts), Lerer reveals a central concern that gives his own text a strong narrative sequence: the role of literary text in shaping cultural reality.
shape up 1 : to develop in a particular way <This is shaping up to be an exciting trip.> 2 : to improve in behavior or condition
The first Force Shaping Board is scheduled to convene at the Air Force Personnel Center April 3, 2006.
Several of the men show great dexterity in shaping stones into implements, a process known as stone or flint knapping.