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A portion or part of something that may be divided into components, such as a sum of money. A unit of stock that represents ownership in a corporation.

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n. 1) a portion of a benefit from a trust, estate, claim or business usually in equal division (or a specifically stated fraction) with others ("to my three daughters, in equal shares"). 2) a portion of ownership interest in a corporation, represented by a stock certificate stating the number of shares of an issue of the corporation's stock.

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SHARE. A portion of anything. Sometimes shares are equal, at other times they are unequal.
     2. In companies and corporations the whole of the capital stock is usually divided into equal proportions called shares. Shares in public companies have sometimes been held to be real estate, but most usually they are considered as personal property. Wordsw. Jo. Sto. Co. ch. 1 P, p. 288. 3. The proportion which descends to one of several children from his ancestor, is called a share. The term share and share alike, signifies in equal proportions. See Perpart.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Odd Eliasen, Managing Director, purchased 16 shares. After the transaction, he holds 173,575 shares.
USD 0.24375 per share on paid-up Class B Preferred Shares Series 29;
Citycon's board believes that merging the shares is in the interest of the company and all of its shareholders and that the company therefore has a weighty financial reason for the reverse share split and the related redemption of shares.
There are two reasons you MUST exercise or fully subscribe to your rights shares:
League Championship Series Runners-Up Philadelphia Phillies (Share of Players' Pool: $6,588,259.73; value of each full share: $123,140.50) -- The Phillies awarded 43 full shares, 10.42 partial shares and 1 cash award.
They traded shares that amounted to KD32.6bn and acquired a share of above 90% in terms of value of shares bought and sold.
Other sales of stock valued at more than $100,000 were by Kay Palmer, EVP and chief information officer, who sold 4,000 shares at $31 a share, valued at $124,000, and David Chelette, vice president and treasurer, who sold 5,022 shares at $31 a share valued at $157,188.
Though shares appreciated by 30%, they did not reach Alexander's original per-share target price of $31.
Management would receive a guaranteed number of shares over time, and while the share values will fluctuate with the price, there would be little leverage opportunity.
On March 29, 2005, Enforcement Counsel filed a motion with the Board requesting that the Board withdraw its civil monetary penalty assessment and authorize Enforcement Counsel to arrange for the proceeds of the sale of Respondents' First Western shares, currently held in the registry of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, to be transferred to the registry of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida for ultimate distribution to the victims of fraud by Greater Ministries International, Inc.
* ALL MODELS RELY ON A NUMBER OF ESTIMATED items--including the exercise price of the option, its term, the current market price of each share of underlying stock, expected volatility and dividends and the risk-free interest rate--that can greatly influence the fair value of share-based compensation.