share an address

See: cohabit
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According to state business records, both Cres well Forest Products and Fore Lumber LLC share an address at the fire's location, which was in the 8200 block of Butte Road, adjacent to a residential development.
Housed at 25 Bruckner Boulevard, the six-story buildings which share an address, are called The Crescend and consist of a combined 130 units.
Also, while they don't share an address they do often stay together at Davies' address in Cardiff.
Though Brazil's anti-bigamy law bars the threesome from entering into a formal marriage and reaping the associated legal privileges, registering a civil union in Brazil simply requires proof that applicants share an address and bank account, plus a ceremony before a notary public.
For example, it allows you to share an address book with your whole company or consolidate it with other business tools your business uses like Xero, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, and many others.
Not least because, it would appear, the two sides almost share an address.
The brothers, who share an address in Georgiana Close, Thornaby, now have similar orders imposed upon them.