share buyer

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For nearly 20 years, the share buyer has prospered in the world of high finance which was formerly a dark and mystical place.
But a share buyer is not entitled to these income tax benefits, and as a result, often discounts the price it's willing to pay.
Make a deal with Consumer Reports' Web site to share buyer information on products that interest librarians or information professionals.
Distribution date is 11 January 2018 for share buyers up to 10 January 2018," the report noted.
Moreover, it seems that the potential investors it is looking to target are institutions who will have a more sophisticated view of risks than individual share buyers.
The three preferred share buyers are expected to hold the shares over the next three years and support Sanyo as stable shareholders.
But with signs of an upturn in the fortunes of the hi-tech industry, the company could find itself very attractive to share buyers during 2004.
And through all of this, the Big Five auditing firms put on the garnish of their opinion letters, helping lure more share buyers at ever-higher prices until the collapse.
But before those who bought get too self-congratulatory it should be pointed out that it is not only share buyers who have been paralysed by recent events.
NEW Boiler Room recruits are given specific instructions on how to entice unsuspecting share buyers.
17 - 36 per cent - within seconds of the market opening, promising a bonanza for eager share buyers.